Digital Strategy & Analytics

Tag it. Track it. Test it… Then refine and start over again.
Analytics, iteration and optimization are the foundation of our process.

We start projects with data and measurable goals to develop long-term strategies and actionable plans that get results.  This iterative and trackable approach allow us to continuously improve digital experiences and serve as a valuable lifelong digital partner to our clients.

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The Digital Strategy Plan

Our long-term strategy clients benefit from our Digital Strategy Plan, an annually contracted service that delivers a Mission Control Guide and Digital Roadmap to be implemented by their internal resources and regularly optimized Creative Analytics. We create a digital strategy that incorporates and aligns your organization’s digital approach with your existing organizational strategic plan.

Clients complete an in-depth questionnaire that gives us insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and pain points for the organization’s digital presence, as well as an overview of its mission, vision, and differentiators. After conducting a thorough audit of the digital ecosystem, we use available data & analytics in conjunction with these insights to deliver a customized Mission Control Guide — which outlines the long-term plan, implementation and ongoing success metrics for the full digital ecosystem (social, web, email and content) – and a high-level Roadmap that gives specific measurable direction to internal resources on the activities, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), assigned resources and review cycles needed to implement the long-term strategy. Clients receive monthly reporting on progress, in addition to top-line recommendations for improvement.

The Digital Strategy Plan Process

  • 25

    Questionnaire & Consultation

    • Identify Business Goals
    • Gather Analytics
    • Gather Competitive Intelligence
    • Create Personas
  • 50

    Digital Audit & Assessment

    • Synthesize Analytics & Data
    • Conduct Content Audit
    • Conduct Stakeholder Interviews
  • 75

    Develop Digital Strategy Plan

    • Identify Goals, Challenges and Opportunities
    • Refine Messaging
    • Assign Resources & Metrics
    • Produce Content Calendar
    • Create Digital Roadmap
  • 100

    Reporting & Optimization

    • Setup Dashboards & Reporting
    • Schedule Reviews
    • Optimize with Recommendations

Other Digital Strategy & Analytics Capabilities

Some of the deliverables that are borne from our process are dashboards, strategic digital and multi-channel marketing plans with milestones, user profiles, social audits, and web audits.

These plans grow with your brand, campaigns, customer or donor base and successes.

  • Website & Campaign Optimization
  • Analytics Management & Reporting
  • SEO Audit
  • Adwords Strategy
  • E-Mail Marketing Planning
  • Customer & User Profiling
  • Content Analysis
  • Social Editorial Calendar Development
  • Social Media Competitive Analysis & Auditing
  • Conversion Optimization Plan

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