Free Download: The Business Digital Marketing Multi-Channel Workbook

E-Books: Book of Checklists for the Corporate Digital Marketer

  • This 17-page workbook is the only resource you’ll need to audit your channel design, copy, messaging, and conversion optimization. Every channel across your digital ecosystem — social, web, content, email, search and advertising — must be consistent and complementary throughout the buyer journey to keep customers and prospects engaged and to carry them through the brand experience.

    Download this book of checklists and worksheets to help you optimize and analyze:


    • On-Page SEO
    • Facebook Ad Campaigns
    • Content Marketing Offers
    • Blog Posts
    • Responsive Home Page Design
    • Email Campaigns
    • Email Metrics
    • Social Media Activities

    and as a bonus…

    We’ve included a full page of online resources all of the experts use to review and optimize their digital marketing channels!



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